Installing rmagick gem on Windows 7

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I was trying to create a blog based on locomotivecms , but the ‘bundle install’ command failed to install the rmagick gem.

RMagick is an interface between the Ruby programming language and the ImageMagick® and GraphicsMagick image processing libraries.

So here is the solution.. worked for Windows 7 64bit, should also work for 32bit machines.

Ruby > 1.8.6
DevKit (any version)
No other ImageMagick installation or PATH entry

Step 1:
Installing ImageMagick:

Download ImageMagick:

Install ImageMagick:
*Important: The installation path should NOT contain any spaces.

Ideally select “C:\ImageMagick″

Please make sure to select the below options:

Step 2:
Installing rmagick:

Use the following command to install rmagick gem:

gem install rmagick --version=2.12.2 --platform=ruby -- --with-opt-lib=c:/ImageMagick/lib --with-opt-include=c:/ImageMagick/include

i’m installing version 2.12.2 as it is needed by locmotive cms, if you skip the version parameter, 2.13.1 will be installed.

Happy Coding 🙂

credits – Food for Thought