Installing Locomotive CMS on Windows 7

LocomotiveCMS is an open source CMS based on Ruby on Rails.

  1. Install Ruby on Rails using RailsInstaller
  2. Install MongoDB
  3. Install ImageMagick
  4. Create a new app
    rails new myapp --skip-active-record --skip-test-unit --skip-javascript --skip-bundle
    cd myapp
  5. Include the LocomotiveCMS engine gem
    Edit your application Gemfile and add these lines if missing.
    gem 'locomotive_cms', '~> 2.0.0.rc12', :require => 'locomotive/engine'
    gem 'compass-rails', '~> 1.0.2', :group => 'assets'
    gem 'sass-rails', '~> 3.2.4', :group => 'assets'
    gem 'coffee-rails', '~> 3.2.2', :group => 'assets'
    gem 'uglifier', '~> 1.2.4', :group => 'assets'
  6. Install the gems
    bundle install
  7. Edit config/intializers/dragonfly.rb
    convert = which convert.strip.presence || "/usr/local/bin/convert"
    #convert = which convert.strip.presence || "/usr/local/bin/convert"
    convert = "C:\ImageMagick"
  8. The following command will insert the engine routes to the main application
    bundle exec rails g locomotive:install
  9. Edit the engine settings if needed.
  10. Start MongoDB server
  11. Run the application server
    rails s
  12. Open your browser
    open http://localhost:3000/locomotive

    Follow the instructions in order to create your first administrator account and your first website.

Note that we are using WEBrick server and not Unicorn, as it is not supported on Windows.


7 thoughts on “Installing Locomotive CMS on Windows 7

  1. Hi! Thanks for this guide, a lot of people are asking about Windows setup guide. Your post will help a lot of people I think. I’m adding a link in the new documentation site.
    If you’re interested in contributing to the documentation, I’m looking for people who can help us write quality guides.
    By the way have you tried Wagon, the new LocomotiveCMS development tool which replaces LocomotiveEditor? We would be interested by an installation recipe for Wagon 😉
    Thks a lot!

    1. Hey,
      After playing around with this cms, I gave up as I couldn’t find it much interesting.

      I guess the reason for failure of ‘wagon serve’ could be –
      (Note: just a guess)
      Wagon might be looking for unicorn server, which doesn’t run on windows.

      Your stackoverflow post mentions unicorn in the gemfile.

      The installation I’ve written is with Webrick.

      1. thanks!. I just change to a osx machine ..i gave up in windows! (anyway it was the only machine i had that month ) cheers!.

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